Optimised Gardening

Market leaders and long time friends and client Baileys Fertilisers decided it was time for a new up to date website with extra functionality and an interactive user friendly new format.

We set out to create a fresh new layout that comprehensively addressed the company's needs across the two very different spectrums of their business - industrial commercial solutions and the familiar retail product area.

Built on a Laravel framework employing a content management system the website allows Baileys to create and edit features such as:

  • Store locator
  • Gardening calendar
  • Video manager
  • Product ranges

The website also utilises advanced features such as:

  • Advanced search (ask an expert)
  • Tag management
  • Advanced role based user management
  • Scheduled local and remote backups
  • Drag and drop multi-level menu editor
  • Quick Analytics on dashboard
  • One click backup
  • Activity logs.  

The result is an easy to use, vibrant, content rich site that talks to savvy commercial customer and Mum and Dad retail customers with equal clarity.


After 11 years, Fishing Wild is calling it a day. In the words of  Fishing Wild’s owner and publisher, Col Roberts, “After eleven years of publishing, sadly this will be the last edition of Fishing Wild. Why? Although the magazine has always been - and continues to be - profitable since its launch, the issue is, I am fast approaching 61 years of age and I have other interests in life to pursue.” 

It's been a privilege to have been involved with this magazine from its conception through to retirement. We have always strived to produce a publication with the highest standard of design and reproductive quality that stands out from the crowd.

Since the initial design in 2006 to this final edition, it has been a ‘Wild’ ride with Col, helping him to showcase fishing adventures and exotic landscapes from remote wilderness areas across the world. Working with Col’s fantastic images has always made our job easy and we wish him the best and look forward to seeing more exciting images as he focuses on bird photography .

If you are thinking of wetting a line over the Christmas break and looking for some inspiration, back issues are still available on the website.

Good luck, and I hope they are biting for you..

What we’re WATCHING...


The latest Ikea campaign in the US (launched just before the Presidential election), is designed to reposition the world's largest furniture brand for its North American audience by tapping into the realities of their everyday experiences.

We believe the strategy is sound but our jury is still out about the execution. Check out the campaign HERE and let us know what you think...


Flametree Creative was asked by the City of Fremantle to  produce a brand and marketing materials for a new event, ‘One Day’.

‘One Day’ is inviting all Fremantle residents to come together and celebrate our love of Australia with music and entertainment on the Esplanade reserve on the 28th of January.

Our brief asked that the design be fun, engaging, non-political, inclusive and not defining. Working with the words ‘ONE DAY’ in a playful manner with a sun and grass-tree against a background of green, grassy banks we were able to set a scene that looks inviting and focuses attention towards the three featured acts.

So if you are a fan of  Dan Sultan, Mama Kin or John Butler, or even curious then head down for a free concert at the Esplanade on the 28th. Full details are available from the City of Fremantle’s website.


For years now the locals at Matso’s popular Broome Brewery have been spicing up their keg Ginger Beer with a hit of crafty Chilli Beer. This taste-packed blend has grown to be known as 'Angry Ranga’ amongst the locals. Soon this fiery concoction will be released onto the unsuspecting general public in the form of a bottled brew.

Our job has been to create a recognisable brand that represents the spirit of this hot headed, hopped up, tipple whilst also sitting comfortably in the product family. The result is a blend of beauty and the beast featuring a raunchy redhead with attitude.

So lovers of beverage adventure keep your eyes peeled and tastebuds ready for this latest Broome offering in bottleshops this February.