Matso’s Brewery is the Kimberley’s award winning microbrewery and a true Broome treasure. The owners of Matso’s Broome Brewery (Martin & Kim Peirson-Jones) are committed to the Kimberley region and the Western Australian tourism industry with an investment in various accommodation properties throughout the Kimberley region. The Matso’s head brewer loves to combine the finest natural ingredients, traditional time honoured brewing techniques and modern technology, to produce a range of beer styles that, above all else, aim to deliver flavour.


Matso's Rare Release Ginger Packaging


To commemorate the 18th birthday of their famous Ginger Beer, the crew at Matso’s devised a limited release, kick-ass, Ginger Barley Wine. You needed to have been quick though, because not long after it hit the market, it was all sold out.

Matso's have been brewing up a storm in the form of their first "Rare Release" small batch beers. A strong partner to their famous Ginger Beer the new Ginger Barley drink packs a punch at 11% so handle with care! To package and market this beast of a beer they needed a brand feel that encompassed the uniqueness of the batch whilst remaining recognisable and appealing to the existing customer base.

While we had free reign on the bottle labels, the cartons were bound to a restricted spot colour print process. The result is a classy fusion of tradition & fantasy featuring old and new brand asset elements.

...they needed a brand feel that encompassed the uniqueness of the batch...

'A Little Bit Different' Outdoor Campaign


Matso’s have expanded to a truly national distribution base with outlets carrying product in all major cities. With a limited budget, the crew wanted to let the good folks of Melbourne know that they were in town.

Matso's unique beers are going down well in the East.

After a university market research program and a subsequent strategic media examination aimed at maximising our reach within that identified demographic, out of home came in strong. We set about creating some arresting images to use across a range of outdoor sites.

What emerged at the end of a rigorous creative process was a  simple but punchy campaign targeted around strategic geographical downtown locations with great exposure to our customers. The fresh look posters and billboards are designed to introduce these well loved WA products to the hip Melbourne audience. Like the beers, they are a little bit different but deliver a big flavour.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the creative process involved for creating this national outdoor campaign for Matso's Broome Brewery.

Matso's Logo


Old, new, cool, hot, the Matso's logo is a timeless fusion that delivers great relevance to the client's spiritual home whilst also providing a great point of difference for all marketing assets including products and merchandising.

It's one of those brands that transcends time. It could have been designed tomorrow or 100 years ago. Mystical and urban cool, the logo cuts like a Samurai sword through barley.

One of the pearls of our collection and our favourite rising son.

Inheriting the handle from Broome's old Matsumono family general store that the Brewery now calls home, Matso's spiritual home is steeped in local history, pearl divers and Japanese geishas, pirates and adventurers.

The classic Japanese character for freshness and life fitted well with the fusion of Aussie-Japanese culture associated with the town and its history.

The Matso's brand was brewed with care and love.

Close up of Matso's logo designed by Flametree Creative